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We share a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding how to see Yojma.

How can I watch Yojma on my TV?

To have the best experience enjoying Yojma please visit the website:

How do I change the video playback settings on Yojma TV?

It is easy. You just have to follow these steps:

  • In the Yojma application when you are playing content.
  • Select App Settings (The nut figure at the bottom right of your device).
  • Configure the appropriate video playback settings. You can configure the following settings:
    • Video quality: You can configure the quality of video downloads by selecting high, medium or standard. The video quality of the downloads affects the download speed, as well as the required storage on your device.
How do I subscribe to YojmaTV?

Start now! Follow these simple steps to start watching Yojma today:

  1. Go to and click on the red button that says: "Free Trial"
  2. Create your account and record the data they ask for.
  3. Register your debit card, credit card to get your 15 days free.

Ready, enjoy our amazing content! During the free trial period we will not charge any type of charge, you can cancel at any time, after your 15 free days the membership you selected will be charged so that you continue enjoying your favorite movies, series and documentaries.

As a Yojma member, you will be billed once a month on the original subscription date. If you decide you don't want to have Yojma, you always have the option to cancel online, whenever you want.



  1. On your Roku device:
    1. Go to the Roku Channel Store.
    2. Download the Yojma app.
  2. Open the Yojma app. 
  3. Select SUBSCRIBE.
  4. Enter your new email address and password.
  5. Accept the Subscription Agreement. 
  6. Make an in-app purchase.
  7. Select VIEW NOW.
What languages is the Yojma TV user interface available in?

Yojma's user interface is available in the following languages: English and Spanish. We are working hard to continue expanding the available languages as we offer Yojma TV in more countries around the world.

Does the content vary by country?

Most of our content will be available everywhere, but there may be slight differences depending on where you live or watch Yojma TV.


These differences may be due to rights issues that may make certain content unavailable for streaming in some markets.

Why can't I see the content, register and send me a successful registration message?

When you sign up with your name, email and password you are creating your account, to obtain access to the contents you only have to activate your free days by selecting some of our plans either monthly or semester, just log in with the email and password that you registered and go to your "Profile" located in the upper right part of your screen, click on "Subscribe Now" select your favorite plan and enter your card details to get your 15 days free. (If someone invited you or you have a discount, remember to put the promotional coupon).

Do I want to see movies dubbed into Spanish?

Tenemos varias secciones especiales en la pagina principal de contenido en español, al iniciar sesión dirígete  a la parte inferior de tu pantalla y busca el catalogo “Películas en español”. Todas las películas cuentan con subtítulos en ingles y español.

Do you need more help?

We are here to help you

We are available to provide live assistance Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Mexico City time.

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