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How much content is available on Yojma TV?

Yojma offers a large catalog of Inspirational, Authentic and Different films, series, documentaries and TV programs, currently we have more than 50,000 thousand hours of programming, remember every Friday we have new releases and new films, series, documentaries and much are added. more.

With your subscription, you will have access to the best stories in the world, all in one place, including inspirational and family content among the most prominent franchises such as: Heritage Films, Picture Rock Entertainment, Mission Pictures International, Five & Two Pictures among others.

¿Qué es Yojma TV?

Yojma is your platform for Inspirational, Authentic and Different content of your favorite stories. With unlimited entertainment without ads, you'll never be bored. Enjoy movies, series, documentaries, TV shows and much more. With Yojma you always have something good to do.

With Yojma you get:
• An ad-free premium experience
• Access to content with the Yojma Guarantee Inspirational, Authentic and Different content.
• 24/7 of Inspirational, Authentic and Different content as long as you have internet.
• More than 50,000 thousand hours of programming in 4K or HD.
• Watch on four screens at the same time at no additional cost with your Monthly Plan.
• Watch on five screens at the same time at no additional cost with your Semmi-Annual Plan.

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The content available on Yojma may vary by region. Some of the titles shown above may not be available in your country.

Start living the experience with Yojma and remember that you always have something good to see!

¿Qué dispositivos y plataformas son compatibles con Yojma TV?

Yojma TV is compatible with mobile devices, web browsers, set-top boxes and smart TVs, including: 

Web browsers (via streaming)

Mobile devices and tablets (by downloading a free app)

Smart TVs (pre-installed service or by downloading a free app)

Connected TVs, video game consoles and streaming devices (by downloading a free app)

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Authorizations:When creating your account or changing your payment method, an authorization transaction may appear on your credit card statement. This is not a charge, but it may temporarily affect your available limit until the issuer releases the amount after a few days.

Price changes: our price may change from time to time. We will notify you of these changes well in advance. Check if you have received a price change notification.

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