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Fearless Faith

Based on true events, Colton, a respected police officer and family man, questions his beliefs after witnessing the loss of his former partner.

The Perfect Mate

When her relationship crumbles days before bringing her fiancé home, Hope struggles to find the perfect Christian man that her family expects.

Blue Lighting

The life of a grumpy old man takes a turn when he discovers that a mischievous orphan is his granddaughter... until they team up in a traditional handmade car derby.


In the midst of a hostage taking in a church, a story unfolds whose goal is to save a life and find redemption.

Poten Dogs

Kai and Wonseok, friends in PotenDogs, embark on missions to make the world better for dogs and humans

Jules Verne's Mysterious Island

Five survivors from different eras find themselves stranded without explanation on a strange and dangerous island.

The Five

In a ravaged land, five strangers join forces for a mysterious woman; tensions reveal their reasons for helping her.

Acquired by faith

Lawyer Benjamin Stills faces prison, finds faith in God as a minor's life hangs in the balance after a texting-related accident

My Perfect Wedding

Obsessed with her wedding day since she was a little girl, Trisha is forced to take matters into her own hands.

Pardon by grace

Scott Highberger conquered demons, found God, and a chance for a better life after struggles with drugs, alcohol, and prison.

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What is Yojma TV and what does my subscription include? Yojma TV is the new streaming platform that offers the best content to inspire and enhance your life. Here, you can enjoy an extensive catalog of movies, series, and documentaries, providing an entertainment experience that is free from harmful scenes and language, all while remaining enjoyable and suitable for the whole family.

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